Rifts® Coalition Navy Errata

Missing in Action!

Missing Skills

In Rifts®: Coalition Navy, page 33, in the description of the CS Navy Sailor O.C.C., certain MOS skills were referred to but the descriptions of these skills were accidentally omitted. These skills are as follows:

Naval Tactics:

A basic understanding of the "military doctrine" of the navy in question (CS, Free Quebec, NGR, Nemo's New Navy, freebooters, etc.; each is a little different) and the naval military in general. It includes preferred methods of fighting (on both small scale engagements or full battles), seaman do's and don'ts, ship weapon systems, ship and naval power armorrecognition, naval combat, strategies and tactics, and other basic naval procedures, military methods and operations.

In combat, a successful tactics roll will reveal the obvious and/or some hints as to the best way to approach a potential combat situation (like recognizing a potential attack because torpedo tubes are open, the best way to impair or scuttle a ship, ideal targets, evasive maneuvers, etc.). Otherwise a successful roll will determine an accurate recognition of a naval vessel, use or reading of naval weapon system, proper execution of a naval tactic or maneuver, and proper procedure. Base skill: 30% +5% per level of experience.

Naval History

...is a basic historical knowledge of the oceans and seas of Rifts Earth and the beings that travel on and below them. The base skill percentage indicates the approximate degree of information the character has learned or can remember accurately about the oceans and seas, or various aquatic creatures and beings. Base skill: 30% +5% per level of experience.

Basic Cybernetics

...is similar to the M.D. in Cybernetics skill in the Rifts® RPG, page 28, but scaled down. This skill gives the character a basic knowledge of the function and application of various cybernetic mechanics, their structure, function and repair. This is best applied to external bionic and cybernetics such as a bionic arm, leg, eye, body armor, etc. to make "field repairs." The character can also make (or help make) repairs on loose, uninstalled implants. However, they are not Cyber-Docs and can not perform surgery to remove or install any internal cybernetic. Nor can they attach or detach bionic systems to the body. Repairs can only be made to the external machine, i.e. arm, hand, weapon, etc., not the attachment to the nerves or flesh and blood body. Likewise, the character cannot perform medical procedures of any kind, he's a basic cybernetic mechanic or assistant mechanic/Operator! Base skill: 25% +5% per level of experience. Penalties: -5% if bionic part is attached to a living being. -10% if repairs are made under-fire or other stressful conditions. -30% if of alien manufacture and design! Requires: Mechanical Engineer, Literacy and Advanced Mathematics skills.

Field Expedient Surgery

...is the same as the Field Surgery skill found on page 61 of the Coalition War Campaign book. Base skill: 16% + 4% per level of experience.

GR-155 Electromagnetic Howitzer

Rifts: Coalition Navy, page 83, the description of the CSS Chi-Town is missing the stats for the GR-155 Electromagnetic Howitzer! Don't ask us how this happened, hear's the stats:

This is a modern electromagnetic version of the pre-Rifts 155mm howitzer. Although this weapon lacks the range and sheer firepower of some larger cannon (like the C-406), its ease of handling and versatility make it a valuable support weapon of the CS navy. This cannon is mostly used to assist in landing operations both through shore bombardment and providing either light or cover (whichever is needed) for the landing troops but will also be employed against enemy vessels.

Primary Purpose: Assault and Fire Support.
Secondary Purpose: Anti-Ship and monster.
Shell Type: Armor piercing shells are used for anti-ship combat and inflict 3D6x10 M.D. to a 10 foot (3 m) blast radius.

Plasma and Fragmentation shells are used for shore bombardment and inflict (respectively) 1D6x50 to a 50 foot (15.2 m) blast radius, and 2D4x10 M.D. to a 70 foot (21.3 m) blast radius! Illumination shells will light up an area like flares and smoke shells will create clouds of vision-obscuring smoke over a 300 foot (91 m) radius.
Mega-Damage: Varies with shell type as noted above.
Rate of Fire: 4 rounds per minute, maximum.
Effective Range: 18.7 miles (30 km)
Payload: 210 shells total. A standard load includes 90 armor piercing, 60 plasma, 30 fragmentation, and 15 each of illumination and smoke shells.
Strike Penalty: -3 to strike targets or target areas smaller than a truck.

Note: In addition to the shells listed above, chemical shells (fire retardant, tear gas, etc.) are sometimes employed. Newer shells (such as laser-guided and rocket-assisted) are in the experimental stage but are not yet available for front-line combat.

About Pirates & Water Skis

Coalition Navy™, page 113, The Pirate O.C.C.'s skill of Pilot water skis & water sleds is actually referring to two separate skills--both of which appear on Coalition Navy, page 28. These are Pilot: Water Skiing & Surfing and Pilot Water Scooters.

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